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PES Supplement Ingredients Flagged by FDA

Physique Enhancing Science, also know as PES, has initiated a recall of Enhanced, a pre-workout supplement, and Alphamine, sold as a fat burner. Both products contain aegeline, which is an ingredient that the Food and Drug Administration has flagged after investigations of an outbreak of dozens of liver injuries linked to certain weight-loss supplements.

PES has not responded to questions by the media but has initiated recalls and changed information on their website pertaining to the products under question. Customers are also requested to return both Enhanced and Alphamine produced this year.

A notice distributed by PES says that no adverse effects have been discovered, but out of caution the products are being recalled and new formulas are being considered.

GNC, a major reseller of supplements, has taken part in the recall according to PES instructions.

If you’ve consumed these products within the last year and are questioning your health, you should seek medical evaluation. If any adverse effects have been experienced, then you can file a product liability claim and request compensation for damages.

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