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GM Recalls 250,000 Vehicles, Including Hummer H3

GM Recalls 250,000 Vehicles, Including Hummer H3

On Wednesday July 8th GM RELEASED A STATEMENT saying that they had to recall around 250,000 vehicles due to two new recall campaigns. About 196,000 of these are Hummer SUVs due to three recent fires that resulted in injuries.

GM, a Detroit automaker, says that it is recalling 196,000 Hummer H3’s from model years 2006-2010 and Hummer H3T’s from 2009-2010 because there is a connector module which controls the speed of the blower motor for the car’s internal HVAC system that could potentially overheat and cause a fire.

GM is currently aware of the three reported burn victims that have suffered minor injuries due to the part. In total, GM has confirmed that there have been 42 fires as a direct result of this part. There have been no fatalities and no crashes as a result of this flawed part.

165,000 of the vehicles included in the recall are located in the United States. GM dealers are offering to replace the portion of the HVAC system that is affected. This includes a connector and a harness.

Back in 2010, the Hummer brand came to an end after a failed attempt to form a deal with a Chinese company who wanted to purchase it.

Separate from this 250,000-vehicle recall, GM has recalled 50,731 Chevy Sparks in the model years 2014 and 2015 and Chevy Sonics from the model year 2015 because of a glitch in the radio system.

Some of these vehicles are having problems with the radio and OnStar system. This mostly affects cars with the base radio that has OnStar installed. The software could potentially cause the radio to get stuck in the OnStar turn-by-turn mode.

When this occurred, audio functionality would become completely non-operational and the radio display would go completely blank. Warning lights from keys left in ignition as well as driver seatbelt warning sounds also did not work when this problem would occur. These two problems directly violate US safety standards.

In addition to the chime malfunction, GM has added that the radio could potentially become stuck ‘on’ and you would have no way of turning it off. This would occur even when the car wasn’t running. This was a major issue because the car’s battery would die in a short amount of time after shutting the car off due to the amount of battery that is used by the car’s speaker system and radio. If this happened, you would not be able to start your car.

GM is unaware of any crashes or fatalities due to the recalls listed in this article.

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