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Questions We Often Hear About Truck Accidents

At Warhawk Legal, we hope to hear your truck wreck-related questions such as the following:

‘After being injured in a truck accident, should I submit a claim to my own auto insurance company?’

Any insurance company that you work with – including your own – will have a team of defense lawyers hard at work to minimize the company’s losses. For best results, work with your own lawyer to even the playing field and make the right moves at the right times.

‘Why do I need a lawyer’s help to get the compensation I deserve?’

Without legal advice, you may waste valuable time and lose the opportunity for a timely investigation. You may shortchange yourself when your insurer offers you a settlement that is too low to cover your expenses.

‘Why is a truck accident different from other traffic accidents?’

Injuries in truck accidents are often more severe than those in passenger car collisions. Distracted driving, driver fatigue and inattentive driving by truck drivers are common hazards. Insurance issues are often complex.

‘What are examples of trucking regulations that may have an impact on my truck wreck case?’

Trucking regulations spell out the number of hours a trucker can drive in a day, required inspections of lights, brakes, weight and load balancing; requirements for the structure and functionality of towing devices and towing mechanisms, and more. A skilled attorney may prove that a truck driver, dispatcher, repair facility or loading dock facility was not compliant – and, therefore, liable to compensate you.

‘How will I pay my medical bills before I recover compensation?’

Some health care providers will wait to be paid until the conclusion of your case, especially if you are represented by an attorney with a solid track record. Or, your own medical and/or auto insurance may pay, but through subrogation will expect repayment when you receive a settlement or verdict.

‘How can I help myself?’

Get the best quality medical care you can get and follow doctors’ advice as fully as you can. Also, let an attorney take a load off your shoulders by compensation for you.

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At Warhawk Legal, it is our passion, our profession and our pledge to help our injured clients through recovery. We will answer questions with no attorney fees due until you receive a payout through a settlement or verdict.

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