How Our Oklahoma City Car Accident Attorney Can Help You

One of the biggest mistakes people make after car crashes is that they decide to handle the claims process on their own. After all, many major insurance companies now have their own apps and advertise about how easy it is to submit a claim right from the scene of a crash.

Drivers might wrongfully assume that they won’t require any sort of support when seeking compensation for a recent motor vehicle collision. However, many people dealing with expensive property damage or serious personal injuries after an Oklahoma car crash will need legal support.

What are some of the reasons why you may need our firm’s help following a car wreck?

Insurance companies employ manipulative tactics

Despite how friendly they seem in their commercials, insurance agents and adjusters care more about company profits than they do about your comfort and protection. It is common for insurance professionals to employ very aggressive techniques when negotiating claims.

They might come to the table with a settlement offer so that you absolve them of future liability for the crash. They might stonewall you and refuse to respond to your calls and questions. Some drivers even get tricked into making a recorded statement where they fall victim to leading questions and make it seem like they were to blame for a crash that was caused by someone else.

When you have a legal professional negotiating with the insurance company on your behalf, those tactics won’t be nearly as successful.

Car crashes cost more than people realize

It is all too easy for you to add up your hospital bills and your vehicle repairs estimate and arrive at an inaccurate and artificially low impression of what the crash cost you. You also need to think about your lost wages and the diminished resale value of your vehicle, which could add thousands of dollars to the total cost of the crash.

Lawyers who are familiar with complicated collision-related claims understand how to evaluate the situation and more accurately estimate the financial consequences the wreck will have for you.

Handling a claim will distract from your recovery

Stress is terrible for your physical and mental health. If you try to handle a major insurance claim on your own, you will take time and effort that could go into your recovery and allocate them instead to dealing with bureaucratic red tape.

When you partner with a personal injury attorney, you have professional support for all of the insurance or court paperwork, which means you don’t have to stress about the likely outcome. You can feel more confident about focusing on your recuperation when you know someone is in place to handle the technical and financial details.

Bringing in the right help can make all the difference for those dealing with the consequences of a recent car crash.