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Focus On Recovery After A Brain Injury

A car crash, a fall or a blunt force injury caused by an explosion or falling object can change your life in a flash when a serious head injury is part of the picture. Your head injury may be an open or closed head injury. It may have left you unconscious or in a coma. Or it may have simply been a jarring jolt followed by a severe headache. Once you have been in such an accident, it is important to get a qualified medical evaluation as soon as possible. You should also follow doctors’ recommendations for treatments, rest and therapy. These supports can make a great difference in how you heal overall.

Legal advice is also critical after a head injury. You may face a long road to recovery. Symptoms may linger for months or years. With a successful injury claim or lawsuit, you can gain access to the resources you need to take care of yourself. At Warhawk Legal, we will apply our knowledge and skills to put together a compelling injury claim on your behalf. The sooner we come on board, the better, so that we can gather fresh evidence and conduct a timely, thorough investigation.

Overcome Challenges Brought On By A Head Injury

Your recovery after a concussion, contusion or any variety of traumatic brain injury (TBI) should ideally bring you relief over time from impacts, including:

  • Unconsciousness, whether it lasts for a few minutes, hours, days or longer
  • Tinnitus, swelling or other causes of discomfort around the area of impact
  • Personality changes, moodiness or difficulty concentrating
  • Sensitivity to noise or overstimulation
  • Bodily dysfunctions
  • Headaches
  • A need for frequent rests

After the initial recovery period, you may still find it difficult or impossible to hold down a job as you struggle with long-lasting symptoms. Besides exploring coverage options for your medical bills, you have every right to pursue replacement of lost income and earning potential. You may also recover compensation for pain and suffering through an injury claim. Depending on the facts and evidence of someone’s negligence or liability, relief may come through:

At Warhawk Legal, we will stop at nothing as we fight for you after an accident that caused a TBI.

Reach Out To A Personal Injury Attorney After A TBI

Take a look at a sampling of our wins and verdicts to get an idea of our strong track record. No attorney can promise you a particular result in your accidental injury case, but we are ready to work hard to pursue the compensation you deserve.

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