The most dangerous crash risks for motorcyclists

While offering a unique sense of freedom and excitement, motorcycle riding comes with a unique set of risks. Due to their lack of protection and smaller visual presence, motorcyclists often face more significant dangers than other vehicle drivers.

Understanding the most threatening types of crashes is vital for motorcyclists who hope to remain safe while riding.

Intersections pose significant risks to motorcyclists

Intersections are particularly dangerous for motorcyclists. Other drivers may fail to notice motorcycles or misjudge their speed, leading to accidents. Intersections are the sites of roughly 70% of motorcycle versus vehicle crashes. The multi-directional nature of intersections makes them hotspots for motorcycle accidents. Vehicles often turn left across the path of oncoming motorcycles, either not seeing them or incorrectly estimating their speed. Such crashes account for a substantial portion of motorcycle-car collisions. By being aware of this risk and practicing defensive driving techniques, motorcyclists can navigate intersections more intentionally and safely.

High-speed crashes often lead to severe injuries

Crashes occurring at high speeds pose another significant threat to motorcyclists. The intense impact force of high-speed accidents can result in severe, often life-threatening injuries. The risk of being thrown off a motorcycle during such collisions increases the potential for harm. For motorcyclists, it’s essential to stick to speed limits and adapt speed based on traffic and weather conditions.

Grass clippings and other debris can cause unexpected accidents

Even commonplace materials like grass clippings can create severe hazards for motorcyclists. When scattered on the road, grass clippings can become slippery, particularly when wet, causing motorcycle riders to lose their grip and fall. Falls can also throw a motorcyclist into the path of oncoming traffic. Riders must stay alert for such road debris, especially after lawn maintenance activities or in residential zones where such material is likely present.

All motorists must ensure that they remain fully aware of motorcycles. A motorcyclist is at an increased risk of injuries or death when they’re struck by another vehicle. Immediate medical care is crucial in the event of a wreck. Hiring an Oklahoma City motorcycle accident attorney to help you seek compensation is also often necessary, as crashes caused by these common hazards are often significantly costly.