What Should I Do After Hiring an Oklahoma Personal Injury Attorney?

So you’ve been injured by a negligent third party, made the right decision, and chose an Oklahoma City personal injury lawyer. Now what? 

In this guide, we’ll examine what to do after you’ve agreed to work with a lawyer, giving you a step-by-step process for what to do throughout your healing journey.

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After selecting the best Oklahoma City personal injury lawyer, you’ll want to do the following: 

Promptly Address Your Lawyer’s Requests

Your legal team is doing their best to support you and your case. And while they can do a lot of the heavy lifting, they can’t do everything for you. Occasionally, your lawyer will need documents and information and will likely come to you for those requests. 

Always be open and transparent with them, promptly giving them the information they need. Your prompt attention to your case will only support it. Additionally, keep them informed about any changes in your life, such as medical condition changes or insurance issues. 

A lawyer is only as good as the information their client supplies them, so set your lawyer up for success. 

Get Examined By A Doctor

Attending doctors’ appointments is one of the best ways to care for yourself while supporting your legal case. 

It may seem inconvenient, but by going to the doctor regularly and keeping your appointments, you’ll build a detailed record that can be used as evidentiary support in your case. 

Going to the doctor also means attending physical therapy, mental health therapy, and occupational therapy appointments. If you skip appointments or neglect prescriptions, the opposition can use this as evidence against you. 

Preserve Evidence 

Thorough documentation of evidence is crucial when dealing with your case, especially in cases involving personal injury. By providing your legal team with clear and compelling evidence, you are helping them build a strong argument on your behalf.

For instance, in a personal injury case, photos of the accident scene, injuries sustained, and any property damage can be instrumental in proving the extent of the harm caused. 

Stay Organized And Off Social Media

A key way your case is successfully concluded is by you organizing well. Throughout your healing, keep a personal notebook to record your pain levels, emotional issues, and everyday obstacles brought on by your injury while you heal. To demonstrate the extent of your injuries, be explicit about the setbacks and activities you cannot enjoy.

Additionally, organize and preserve your case’s bills, correspondence, and legal and medical records. This organization facilitates fast access to critical information for your lawyer.

Finally, stay off social media while discussing your case or your injuries. To avoid having insurance companies and other parties use your posts against you, set your accounts to private or temporarily deactivate them.

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