Will Bias Towards Motorcyclists Affect My Case?

In the state of Oklahoma, there are prime stretches of highway through some of the most scenic roads – perfect for motorcycling. Add to that that Oklahoma has the longest section of Route 66 in the entire country, and you have a recipe for bikers getting out and enjoying the fresh air. 

But, unfortunately, despite you and our team at Warhawk Legal knowing that there’s nothing wrong with motorcycling, a lot of drivers and members of the public express bias toward the group. Not only does this bias harm you, but if you or a loved one has been in an Oklahoma City motorcycle accident, it can actually harm your case. 

So in this guide, we’ll be examining the motivation behind why there is bias towards motorcyclists. Plus, if you’ve been in an motorcycle accident, we’re giving our best tips on what to do after a wreck.

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Why Is There Bias Towards Motorcyclists?

The why behind bias wielded towards motorcyclists is a deeper question indeed. While most bikers are good riders and are safe and responsible, the societal depiction of bikers in popular culture doesn’t communicate that story. 

The media and pop culture take examples of the outliers, the more uncommon examples of reckless motorcycle riding, and adjacent biker culture behaviors (fights, speeding, and careless driving), and claim all motorcyclists are like this which unfairly punishes the majority of motorcyclists who operate within the bounds of the law 

Any law firm, like the team at Warhawk Legal, knows these stereotypes are not properly founded and are largely untrue. 

Effects Of Bias Against Motorcyclists

Unforunately, the unconscious and conscious biases towards motorcycle riders runs too deep for most people and companies – and here’s how. 

Insurance Company Bias

If you have a case and are trying to receive a fair and just settlement, insurance company bias may effect what you can collect. The insurance company knows all the methods to devalue a case and turn others’ opinions against you. 

Jury or Judge Bias

If your case goes to trial, you’ll also likely have to deal with not just a courtroom proceeding but the “court of public opinion” against you behind a motorcycle rider.

For instance, in Oklahoma, adult motorcyclists are not required to wear a helmet by law. If a biker chooses to exercise this legally given right while on Oklahoma roads, they should not be punished for this choice by an insurance company or a jury. Juries are generally more likely to rule against motorcyclists and side with insurer claims.

What To Do After A Motorcycle Accident

After calling emergency medical personnel and the police, the next thing you should do after being in a motorcycle accident is to contact a trustworthy Oklahoma City motorcycle accident lawyer. That lawyer will likely recommend you preserve any evidence such as your garments, your helmet (if worn), and any documentation collected at the scene. If you or a loved one is capable, taking photos or videos of the evidence at the scene will also ensure strong evidentiary support in your case. 

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