Edmond Wrongful Death Lawyers

Experiencing the loss of a loved one is painful. When their death was preventable or wrongfully caused, you likely have the right to seek legal recourse. At Warhawk Legal, we understand how difficult this time can be for you and we are ready to support you in your time of need. No amount of money can take away your pain, but getting the compensation you deserve can help mitigate the financial hurdles you face after your loved one’s death.

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Why Warhawk Legal Is Edmond’s Choice For Wrongful Death Cases

Edmond families consistently choose the Edmond personal injury lawyers at Warhawk Legal as their trusted legal partner. With our experience and dedication, we provide comprehensive support throughout the entire legal process.

Here are some of the key reasons why families choose Warhawk Legal.

  • Our extensive experience in negotiating with insurance companies. We will fight relentlessly for you to receive the most possible compensation for your loss.
  • Our skill in representing you in court with utmost care and compassion. We understand that dealing with the loss of a loved one is an incredibly difficult time, and they strive to provide support every step of the way.
  • Our track record of securing multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts for clients. We are skilled in navigating insurance tactics and settlement negotiations and fighting for you to receive the compensation you deserve.
  • Our contingency fee payment structure means you only pay if we win your case. This provides peace of mind during an already challenging time.

What Can Wrongful Death Claims Pay For In Oklahoma?

According to 12 OK Stat § 1053 (2022), wrongful death claims can pay for the following

  • Medical and Burial Expenses. These expenses “shall be distributed to the person or governmental agency as defined in Section 5051.1 of Title 63 of the Oklahoma Statutes who paid these expenses, or to the decedent’s estate if paid by the estate.”
  • Loss of Consortium and Grief of Surviving Spouse. These damages “shall be distributed to the surviving spouse.”
  • Mental Pain and Anguish Suffered by the Decedent. These damages “shall be distributed to the surviving spouse and children, if any, or next of kin in the same proportion as personal property of the decedent.” This means that the damages would be distributed to those survivors in the same manner that they would’ve received it if this was the individual’s estate plan or will.
  • Pecuniary Loss. Pecuniary loss is defined as the financial loss experienced by the family. “The pecuniary loss to the survivors based upon properly admissible evidence with regard thereto including, but not limited to, the age, occupation, earning capacity, health habits, and probable duration of the decedent’s life, which must inure to the exclusive benefit of the surviving spouse and children, if any, or next of kin, and shall be distributed to them according to their pecuniary loss.” This means that the money received from this compensation is meant exclusively for the benefit of the surviving spouse, children, if any, or the closest living relatives. The distribution of this compensation is based on the financial losses each suffered.
  • Grief and Loss of Companionship. This loss of companionship “shall be distributed to them according to their grief and loss of companionship.” This means the damages will be distributed in proportion to the extent of the grief experienced by the survivors.

Warhawk Legal Is Edmond’s Choice For Wrongful Death Cases

Our track record of excellence speaks for itself. Here are just a few of our successfully concluded wrongful death cases:

  • $9,500,000.00 (Wrongful Death Trucking Settlement)
  • $3,500,000.00 (Wrongful Death Aviation Settlement)
  • $3,500,000.00 (Wrongful Death Oil Field Settlement)

So contact us to get started working on your wrongful death case. Call us at (405) 397-1717 or book your consultation online today.