How Are Motorcycle Accident Claims Different From Car Accident Claims?

When in the midst of a motorcycle accident, some victims and even their lawyers unfairly compare them with car accidents. While these situations can be similar (a negligent third party causes a vehicle accident, harming an innocent victim), a lot of the circumstances impacting motorcycle accident victims are things other motorists don’t have to deal with. 

So, in this guide, we’ll examine what makes motorcycle accidents different than car accidents. When you’re done exploring this blog and you still need help, call us at (405) 397-1717. A skilled Oklahoma City motorcycle attorney will be able to help you. 

Motorcycle Accidents Usually Involve More Severe Injuries

It makes sense that motorcycle accidents can yield more severe injuries due to their lack of safety features compared to trucks or cars. For example, the National Safety Council (NSC) found that despite only accounting for approximately 3% of registered drivers, motorcycle accidents make up over 14% of all fatalities. 

Examples of severe injuries receivable from motorcycle accidents include: 

Additionally, because Oklahoma gives adult motorcycle riders the freedom to choose whether to wear helmets, accidents involving motorcycle riders not wearing a helmet and other motor vehicles are often more severe. 

Bias Against Motorcyclists

Society at large is biased against motorcycle riders. This can be traced back to pop culture and other unfavorable depictions of motorcycle riders. Hollywood depicts motorcycle riders as wild, dangerous, and unstable. 

Most motorcyclists enjoy riding their bikes, enjoying the scenic views and freedom it gives them. The stereotypes associated with this group of people are largely unfair and unfounded. 

Additionally, this bias against motorcyclists can also be used by insurance companies when negotiating with adjusters and drafting settlement agreements. This can impact the total damages yielded in your Oklahoma City motorcycle case. Finally, insurance policies and coverage requirements for motorcycles can differ from those for cars. Motorcyclists might face higher premiums and different claim processes due to the higher risk associated with riding.

Not All Injury Lawyers Understand Motorcycle Accident Claims

Because of the bias and other factors stacked against motorcycle accident victims, many Oklahoma City injury lawyers treat motorcycle cases the same as any other motor vehicle accident. This is certainly not how your motorcycle case should be handled. 

Here’s why picking an average personal injury lawyer for your motorcycle case might not be good enough.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Have Specialized Knowledge: Motorcycle accidents involve unique factors such as crash dynamics, common injuries, and specific safety regulations. Lawyers focusing primarily on motorcycle accidents will need specialized knowledge to handle these aspects effectively.

Different Legal Considerations: Motorcycles are governed by specific laws and regulations, such as helmet laws and lane-splitting rules, which differ from those for other vehicles. A lawyer unfamiliar with these nuances might miss critical details that could impact the case.

Distinct Injury Patterns: The types of injuries commonly sustained in motorcycle accidents, like road rash, traumatic brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries, require different medical expertise and understanding compared to injuries from car accidents. Oklahoma City accident lawyers not accustomed to these cases may not fully grasp the medical implications and necessary treatments.

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