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Compensation After An Uber Or Lyft Accident

Getting around town in Uber or Lyft vehicles can be quick, easy and, often, affordable. This is a common choice for people going to and from the airport or going back home after dropping one’s own car off at a mechanic’s shop. While most ride-sharing experiences go well, when crashes occur, questions of liability rapidly come to the surface. You need to know where to look for compensation after being injured as a passenger or as someone who was in another vehicle that was involved in a crash with an Uber or Lyft vehicle.

With years of experience in the Oklahoma City metro area, we are knowledgeable attorneys who are up to date on auto accident laws regarding injuries and recovery. At Warhawk Legal, you can consider us your first line of defense against the challenges of discovering and obtaining all available compensation.

Things To Know About Ride-Sharing Services And Liability

If your Uber or Lyft driver had their app turned on and had an accident while transporting you – or crashed into your vehicle while on the way to pick up a passenger – then their liability should cover up to $1 million for your injuries through the company’s insurance policy.

On the other hand, if either of these events happened and the driver did not have the app turned on, then that driver’s own auto insurance will likely apply. Plus, if another car caused the crash, then that driver’s insurance policy should also apply. The amount available to compensate you for your injuries will depend on the applicable insurance policies. If your costs are higher than the available coverage, then your own uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage on your auto insurance may come into play.

Consulting with an experienced auto accident lawyer is, of course, the best way to know your rights and give yourself a solid chance of recovering all that you are eligible for. At Warhawk Legal, we urge you not to wait to get legal advice, even if you think your injuries are not very serious. Sometimes minor injuries become worse over time, and then it can be too late to make a claim.

Schedule A Free Consultation With An Auto Accident Attorney In Oklahoma City

From our offices in the capital city, we serve clients throughout the Oklahoma City metro area and statewide. We welcome inquiries regarding accidents involving airport shuttles, taxis, ride-sharing vehicles, and other forms of personal and public transportation.

To get a no-obligation appointment with an award-winning motor vehicle accident lawyer at Warhawk Legal, call 405-857-6688 or inquire online. Let us know if you need a visit from one or more of our team members at home or in a hospital.