Determining Fault In An Oklahoma City Truck Accident

Truck accidents can be catastrophic, leaving victims with life-altering consequences. Determining fault and liability in such cases is a complex process – and liability may be shared among several parties.

At Warhawk Legal, we have recovered millions of dollars in damages for injury victims in Oklahoma City and throughout the state. Our founding attorney, Joe Carson, believes that the best approach is to start every claim as if it were going to trial. That way, our Oklahoma City injury lawyers are prepared from the outset if the insurance companies refuse to be reasonable.

Where Do You Look To Find Evidence Of Liability?

Every Oklahoma City truck accident claim starts with a deep investigation into the causes of the wreck, whether that is any combination of driver negligence, fault on the part of the trucking company, mechanical failures, loading dock errors, or some other mistake. Common sources of evidence include:

  • The truck’s Electronic Control Module (ECM) or Event Data Recorder (EDR)
  • The operator’s driving record and disciplinary record with their company
  • Cellphone records, GPS data and other electronic records
  • The truck’s inspection reports and maintenance records
  • The daily driver logs showing hours of service compliance
  • Video footage from traffic cameras and dash cameras
  • Accident reconstruction and expert testimony

One of the reasons that it is so important to contact an Oklahoma truck accident lawyer immediately after a wreck is that many critical pieces of evidence can suddenly disappear without an attorney’s quick intervention to make certain that they are preserved.

Call An Award-Winning Lawyer About Your Oklahoma Truck Accident Claim

It takes significant experience and skill to understand where liability may lie in a truck accident claim. When your injuries are significant and you are facing a lifetime of difficulty as a result, uncovering all possible sources of compensation is important. Put your case in the hands of an Oklahoma City accident lawyer who will aggressively represent your interests from the beginning.

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