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Fighting For Those Who Have Lost Family Members In Fatal Truck Accidents

Losing someone you love in a fatal accident with a semi truck is a tragedy that no one should endure. If you have suffered this terrible heartbreak, you deserve to take legal action to hold the negligent party that contributed to your loved one’s accident accountable. If you qualify, you may bring a wrongful death claim against the truck driver, the trucking company or other responsible individuals or organizations.

At Warhawk Legal, our attorneys are the strong yet sympathetic allies you need to help you after a fatal accident. We work with individuals and families throughout the Oklahoma City area who lost relatives to fatal wrecks involving semi trucks, 18-wheelers, tankers and other commercial trucks.

With several multimillion-dollar awards and settlements under our belt, we are ready to take off our gloves and fight for the compensation that you and your loved ones deserve.

Truck Accidents And Wrongful Death: What To Know

Because of their massive size and weight, crashes involving tractor-trailers have more fatalities than crashes involving other motor vehicles. Even if the impact of the accident did not cause death, serious injuries such as internal organ damage, traumatic brain injuries and loss of limbs can eventually prove fatal. As a surviving family member, you can respond to this difficult situation by getting reliable legal advice about your legal options, beginning with clarifying your eligibility to bring a wrongful death claim and proceeding in a timely manner.

First, determine whether you have legal standing to bring a wrongful death claim. If you are the spouse, parent or child of the deceased, you are likely eligible. Ask an attorney to help you understand your rights.

Next, find out when you should file the wrongful death claim, and against whom. If you are interested in filing a wrongful death claim, it is important to move quickly so your attorney will have time to build a strong case.

Oklahoma has a two-year statute of limitations for wrongful death lawsuits, meaning you must file the claim within two years of the date that your loved one died. If you miss this deadline, you forfeit the right to recover compensation for funeral costs, hospital bills, lost wages and any other damages.Ideally, put Warhawk Legal on your side as your truck accident law firm with plenty of time to build a strong case.

Free Consultation – Get A Fighting Team On Your Side

In this time of grieving, you are not alone. Beyond grief, you will likely experience financial stress following the death of your loved one. A wrongful death claim can help you get the compensation you need to cover final medical bills, a funeral and burial, replacement of the deceased person’s earning potential and loss of companionship. Let our lawyers come alongside you with strength, compassion and skill in support of your claim.

For legal representation to recover damages following a fatal truck crash, call us at 405-857-6688 or send us an email. We provide free, confidential initial consultations.