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Are you or a loved one experiencing extensive pain, anguish, and financial damages in the aftermath of a truck accident in Norman? If you’re unsure where to turn or what to do next, contact Warhawk Legal for legal support.

For decades, our award-winning team of Norman truck accident attorneys has been fighting for victims’ rights, resulting in large jury verdicts and settlements.

As one of Norman’s top law personal injury firms, we offer compassionate guidance to victims. Our Norman injury lawyers won’t back down from a legal fight with the negligent third party who caused your injuries and distress. Considering that you and your family likely suffer an extensive financial burden, we never want to make that worse. That’s why we never charge you any fees in your Norman truck accident case unless we win.

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Here are a few other reasons why trucking accident victims choose Warhawk Legal.

We know how to win big trucking accident jury verdicts and settlements

Our track record of excellence speaks for itself. We have received the following Oklahoma trucking settlements and verdicts:

  • $9.5 Million Trucking Wrongful Death Settlement
  • $2.29 Million Trucking Accident Jury Verdict (Vincent v. Consolidated Lumber Transport)
  • $1.5 Million Trucking Accident Jury Verdict (Willis v. Sawatzky Construction)
  • $1.5 Million Trucking Accident Settlement

We know exactly what to do to navigate your case to a successful conclusion.

We deeply understand the issues that affect truck accident cases

Understanding the specific regulations, statutes, and other issues that can impact a Norman truck accident case is crucial to winning it successfully. The Warhawk Legal team knows the complexities and particulars that impact truck accident cases.

We are confident in our ability to take your case to court

Many law firms are more concerned with their track record than what’s best for a client’s case. Not the Warhawk Legal team. We take on cases that other law firms might deem “unwinnable”, and bring them to a successful conclusion, either through settlement or jury verdict.

We offer a payment structure that fits your needs, not ours

We’re proud to offer a contingency fee payment plan. That means we don’t charge you unless we win or conclude your case successfully. That means there is little to no risk in getting started with us on your case.

Oklahoma Truck Crash Statistics

The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety defines “large truck” as the following configurations:

  • Single Unit Truck – 2 Axles
  • Single Unit Truck – 3 or More Axles
  • Truck/Trailer
  • Truck-Tractor/Semi-Trailer
  • Truck-Tractor/Double Trailers
  • Truck/Tractor/Triple Trailers
  • Trucks More Than 10,000 lbs – Cannot Classify

In 2021, there were 112 Fatalities and 1,861 Injuries related to large trucks in Oklahoma, which was a 49.3% increase over the previous year.  This increase in accidents is staggering – and the third parties who cause these unfortunate trucking accidents need to be held accountable for their behavior.

Who Is Liable In A Truck Accident?

When determining liability in a truck accident case, many issues can come into play. Here are the considerations your legal team will perform when assessing your accident’s liability. 

  • Was the truck driver completely at fault? It may be simple to think that all trucking accidents caused by a third party are the sole fault of the truck driver. That is simply not the case. While the truck driver may have been speeding, ignoring road signs and signals, overloading their truck, or using illicit substances (which are all legitimately the driver’s fault) there may be other factors that would redistribute liability between multiple groups.
  • Was a part of the truck malfunctioning? This would cause liability to potentially switch from the driver to being the fault of the truck company leasing the vehicle or the truck part manufacturer. The truck part manufacturer could have a product liability case brought against them if the part was faulty and caused the accident.

The trucking company also has a federal requirement to maintain leased vehicles. If a maintenance issue contributed to the accident, they could be liable.

  • Did the parent company have unrealistic demands of their truckers? If the driver was speeding, using drugs, or overloading their truck due to their company’s explicit or implicit requirements, they may also be liable.

Modified Comparative Negligence In Oklahoma Truck Accidents

Additionally, truck accident cases would fall under the doctrine of modified comparative negligence.

According to 23 OK Stat § 13 (2022), “In all actions hereafter brought, whether arising before or after the effective date of this act, for negligence resulting in personal injuries or wrongful death, or injury to property, contributory negligence shall not bar a recovery, unless any negligence of the person so injured, damaged or killed, is of greater degree than any negligence of the person, firm or corporation causing such damage, or unless any negligence of the person so injured, damaged or killed, is of greater degree than the combined negligence of any persons, firms or corporations causing such damage.”

That means that damages will be reduced proportionally to how at fault the victim was for the accident. If they were found 30% at fault, then damages would be reduced by 30%.

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