Norman Uber/Lyft Accident Lawyers

If you or a loved one have been injured in a ridesharing accident you be injured and unsure of what next steps to take. If this describes your situation, the Warhawk Legal team can help.

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Does Norman Have A Problem With Uber And Lyft Accidents?

Norman has always been a thriving city, but the city’s infrastructure is perpetually challenged to keep up with the demands of those drivers who live there.

For a town 189.5 Square Miles, it is the third-largest city in Oklahoma, with a total population of 128,026. However, the infrastructure of the city (mostly two-lane streets save for Main and Flood) hasn’t always kept up as it was settled before statehood during the time of covered wagons.

Additionally, during the school year, an additional 28,078 students live either on campus or in off-campus housing. With Campus Corner always being a hopping spot (especially during game day with tailgating down at the stadium), there are plenty of dangerous intersections, one-way streets, and tow-away curbs that cause plenty of headaches to ridesharing drivers in Norman.

What Recourse Do I Have If I Am Hit By A Ridesharing Driver In Norman?

The answer to this question is largely dependent upon whether the driver was driving as a private citizen or on the clock as a ridesharing driver.

Here are these options in more detail:

  • Private Citizen: If an individual is an Uber/Lyft Driver, but not actively using the app as a ridesharing driver, then their private car insurance will be used in the claim.
  • Driving With App On, Not On A Ride: If the driver is not on a ride, but on the clock, then the driver will have the following coverage levels provided by Lyft or Uber.
    • $25,000/accident for property
    • $100,000/accident for bodily injury
    • $50,000/person for bodily injury
  • Driving With App On, On Active Ride
    • $1,000,000 for third-party auto liability per accident

That means each driver receives additional coverage in the event that they experience an accident while driving their client to their destination.

How Can Warhawk Legal Help Me?

If you’re facing an auto accident, here are a few ways Warhawk Legal can help you:

  • Collect And Manage Evidence
  • Understand Deadlines and Notify You Appropriately
  • Manage Insurance Negotiations On Your Behalf
  • Represent You and Your Interests In Court
  • Offer Caring and Compassionate Listening
  • Offer You A Free Consultation

So with no risk to get started, contact the Norman personal injury lawyers at Warhawk Legal team today at (405) 397-1717 or book your case review online today. We’re proud to offer all our clients a contingency fee payment structure, which means we never charge you unless we successfully win your case.