Oklahoma City Amputation Lawyer

Severed limbs typically bring much distress, pain, and hardship to those who suffer these injuries as well as their closest family members. Sometimes an amputation is a painful but dramatic reminder of a terrible accident that someone thankfully survived. Nonetheless, the loss of an arm, leg, hand, or foot is a great psychological blow as well as a source of physical trauma. If you or your child has suffered an amputation, you need the best medical care and therapy that money can buy. To get access to quality treatments and disability accommodations, you very likely need legal help, too.

Why You Need An Oklahoma City Amputation Lawyer

Our Oklahoma City injury attorneys at Warhawk Legal bring a powerful combination of compassion and passion for justice to the table for our clients who must live with severed limbs. We offer free consultations after an accident and fight hard to ensure that our clients get the help they need.

Accidents That Cause Amputations In Oklahoma City

Your amputation may have resulted from one of these situations:

  • Car accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • An accident involving a riding lawn mower, a power window on a car, a household appliance, or machinery at your workplace
  • A vicious dog attack
  • A farm or industrial accident
  • A recreational accident involving a horse, motorboat, or all-terrain vehicle (ATV)

No matter how you end up with a severed limb, our Oklahoma City accident attorneys will dig deep to discover who is responsible for compensating you, even if it is your auto or homeowner’s insurance. We will then fight for your right to compensation that is ample enough to cover whatever you need, including:

  • Surgery, physical therapy, and occupational therapy
  • Retraining or education if you can no longer do the job you did before your amputation
  • Psychological counseling and other types of counseling for the person with the injury and possibly their spouse, parents or other close family members
  • Pain management, including treatment for phantom pains you may experience because of severed nerve endings.
  • Remodeling of your home, if necessary
  • A prosthesis, if applicable, and scheduled maintenance and/or replacements for the rest of your life

If you end up struggling with secondary health problems, such as pain medication addiction, we will fight to get you whatever help you need to overcome these problems, too.

Schedule A Free Consultation With An Oklahoma City Amputation Lawyer

Our legal team is eager to help you get on the road to recovery after a car accident, lawn mower accident, waterskiing injury, or workplace accident that has left you with an amputation.

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