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Were you hurt due to negligent conditions on another person's property, including public property such as the grocery store? Whether you tripped and fell or were attacked in a parking lot, our Oklahoma City premises liability lawyers at Warhawk Legal understand the pain and suffering you are experiencing. We are here to navigate through the complexities of your legal claim and help protect your rights.

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Establishing Responsibility in Premises Liability Claims

Each property owner or manager of a commercial or residential space is responsible for making reasonably sure that their property is safe for visitors or customers. For example, a bank must ensure that their floors are safe to walk on and that customers will not trip. A homeowner is likewise responsible for the safety of their home, should they invite anyone to visit. At Warhawk Legal, we believe that negligent property owners should be held responsible for their actions.

In order to have a successful premises liability case, there are a few major elements that we must establish:

  • That a dangerous condition existed
  • That the property owner was aware of or should have been aware of the condition
  • That the property owner failed to fix the condition
  • That the claimant was injured as a direct result of the condition

At Warhawk Legal, we handle a wide range of premises liability claims, including dog bite accidents, swimming pool accidents, and slip and fall accidents. We can also investigate cases that involve chemical exposure and fires.

Let Warhawk Legal Fight for You

If you have been hurt as a result of a negligent property owner and are seeking legal justice and financial compensation, we are here to help. We want you to focus on getting the treatment you need while we focus on building a case for you. Our Oklahoma City premises liability lawyers are qualified to develop strong legal strategies for your case and help you recover damages so that you can move forward with your life.

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